Nokia Lumia 800 Review Unravels The First Nokia Phone Empowered By Windows Phone

Nokia has been a top-notch mobile phone manufacturer that has successfully wooed the mobile lovers with incredible handsets. The most appealing factor that has made the Nokia fans to go gaga over Lumia 800 is its operating system. This is the first move taken by Nokia, to dump Symbian and make the Lumia to run on Windows Phone 7.5, the latest Mango version. The Nokia Lumia 800 review spells out that Nokia has taken the giant leap of rolling out in the market the Lumia powered by the Mango, to Read more [...]

Google Phone Versus iPhone 4G

BackgroundThere has been a lot of news circulating about the possibility of a handset designed and built by Google and running their Android software.But, what to believe? Would Google release a phone to rival that of their customers (Motorola, HTC). Also, if released will it be the phone to finally knock the iPhone off its pedestal?Current state of the handset marketIt's all go at the moment with Apple expected to set a definite release date for their iPhone 4G on Monday June 7th and the Android Read more [...]

Track a Cell Phone’s Location and Learn What Your Employees Are Really Doing

Employers and business owners the world over lose thousands each year due to employees using their paid work time to slack off. Do you find yourself wondering what your employees really do when they run errands? Do you find they take extraordinarily long lunch breaks? Do you even find yourself suspicious each time your employees leave on a long business trip? Fortunately, with the right technology, you can track their cell phone location and learn what they're up to when they're away.The advantage Read more [...]

Smart Phone Identification Scrambling Software Coming to Prevent Prying Eyes

As more and more software apps are available for various types of smart phones, and the iPhone we are going to begin to see free applications which help scrambled the identity and information traveling through those networks. This is both good and bad, it's bad if you are trying to track terrorists by their electronic serial numbers, and capture that information at the local cell tower. It's good because it gives privacy to the user.A smart phone manufacturer may be upset because what they believe Read more [...]